Tuesday, February 28, 2012

College Oscar's Night Party- On a Budget!

Oscars 2012 is undoubtedly my favorite Oscars ever. Octavia Spencer moved me to tears and all the movies nominated was great. But best of all, I was a part of the party!

Dress code: black, red, or gold! 

Game: Oscar's BINGO! Our categories ranged from red dress to Xfinity ads to tears on screen!

Our Oscars party only cost $5 per person. Guess how much celebrities spend on dressing for the Oscars alone? A whopping $35000!
Atira's tights and necklace! <3

With our Bingo cards!

Us girls in our Oscar's outfit- Trina had already changed :(

Thoughts on The Real Oscars:

Loved how they gave Christopher Plummer extra time for speech!
Rooney Mara for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; scroll down to see her at the Oscars!
Rooney Mara at the Oscars. BIGGEST transformation! Love it!

Reminds me of Barbie! Very elegant- screams respected, powerful, and lady-like.
Gorgeous movements by the bottom frills, perfect fit- not too tight but shows curves!
Simple, chic, and daring with the cardigan- what a genius touch!
Nicole Kidman's 2007 Dress, only much worse because this one looks like it's choking Emma Stone.
Sad to see Angelina Jolie disturbingly scrawny.

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